Thursday, March 26, 2009

45=60; Guaranteed=No Returns; No Nuts


In this convoluted world, called Samoa, you need a sense of humor and lots of patience.
A couple of examples:

A second measuring tape from the same store has red numbers rather than black numbers. It is 45 inches long and covers the same length as black tape, which measures 60 inches. Just why red inches are longer than black inches, I really don’t understand. The metric scale on the reverse side of both tapes is the same, 150 cm. The costs are the same.

The tines of a faux-chrome plated garden fork bought in New Zealand and made in India break off after one use by fat old women. Tines of garden forks purchased at Samoa’s largest hardware store, guaranteed for three years, and made in China, look like British actors after one use by the same women. The hardware states it has a no return, no refund policy. It is the manufacture’s guarantee, not the stores. After only two days of negotiations, the hardware store does exchange them for garden forks made in Brazil. The Brazilian fork bends too. I guess my only redress is to go to Rio.

A nut fell off the bolt holding by bike horn. I have been to hardware stores throughout Samoa, repair shops, and people’s homes trying to find a nut or nut and bolt to fasten my horn. No luck. A bike horn is a must here. It is the only thing protecting you from the combination of right and left hand drive vehicles.


Teri said...

What a comedy! Irregular measuring tapes and bendable garden forks that end up looking like Austin Powers' teeth. Got a good laugh out of that one. In fact, reminds of the time I went to Macy's department store in San Francisco to buy a butter dish. Took it home and got the butter out of the fridge only to discover the new dish was a half inch too short for a stick of butter. Wouldn't you like to ask these manufacturers something along the lines of, "Ever hear of a quality control department?"

Wanderingfamilies said...

Ohhhhh...Fa'aSamoa! I am glad that those frustrations are over for me...and yet, I miss it!