Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Inn Niko


Here are some of the guests who have stopped or stayed with me this past week.

Hannah and Chris

Hannah is a Peace Corps Volunteer who is veterinarian working at the Animal Protection Society in Apia castrating dogs. Chris is her visiting son.

Dave and Judy ??

Dave, a retired dentist, and his wife, Judy, a potter, are from some small town north of Doylestown, Pa. They are true Globe Trekkers, riding their bikes around parts of the world on seemingly no time schedule. While staying with me, they participated in the Catholic Church’s fundraiser dance. Judy has an infection similar to the one of Mary and is being treated at the hospital. They may stop again.

I found them riding the streets of Salelologa, seemingly without a destination. I provided them with one.

Ben and Emelia Wilcox

Ben and his Polish wife, Emelia, are on their way for a nine-month visit with Emilia’s parents in Lodz, Poland, via Australia, Bali, and a possible train ride from Singapore to Poland This last leg more Ben’s idea, than Emelia’s. They are former workmates of a current Peace Corps Volunteer, Lisa, in the Washington, DC area.

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Barb Carusillo said...

Considering you are in a small village in rural Samoa, you sure get a lot of unique guests! If my husband and I get to meet you while we are there, we will be among the more boring run-of-the mill type folks