Thursday, September 10, 2009

I Miss the Children


As I walk and bicycle through the city and suburbs or listen to the sounds from my window, I realize something is missing- children. In Samoa children are everywhere, seemingly more numerous than flies. Their laughter and joy still ring in my ears as they enjoy a freedom of which they are unaware. The glee playing with a deflated ball, pushing a piece of wood with a stick, or robbing a neighbor's tree of mangoes is reflected in their smiles. They guard and protect one another in their unsupervised world, a world where they are considered "Gifts of God" rather than a financial liability by fearful parents who want to rush them to adulthood.

Mango raiding party.

Selling fish

Boys at play

Caring for a baby sibling

Samoan jewelry

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Justin N. said...

I miss all the kids as well. As annoying as it was at the time I now miss the many bye byes I would get on my bike rides. I still see many dogs and even the ones here are on leashes I still worry about it chasing me.