Monday, October 26, 2009



After a weekend of watching football, I wonder just how many commercials can a human take. The commercial breaks far exceed the actual game time. Even though I complain bitterly about the constant bombardment of the inanity and insanity of the ads, I sit there like a duffus. Is this my future?

You could say I have a choice. I can easily turn off the TV or read a book, but how then could I converse with others? I like watching the games, even if my teams don't win. I feel trapped by the inevitability of the tube.

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Unknown said...

Hi Nick--do what David's been doing for years--record the game and then watch it later in the afternoon and zap all the commercials and the tedious stuff. He usually sets up the ironing board while he does this and zaps and irons away. The secret is to make sure you don't hear the outcome of the game before you watch it. Ann B.