Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Saint Lucia?


St. Lucia is an Caribbean island country located near South America in the Lesser Antilles. It is the home for over 100 Peace Corps Volunteers and one Peace Corps Response position for a Program Development Assistant working with the St. Lucia Diabetic & Hypertensive Association which starts this February. This is exactly what I did with the Diabetes Association of Samoa and Samoa's National Health Service. So I have applied for this 10 month position.

Coincidentally, there is a Peace Corps Volunteer in St. Lucia, Karen McCarthy, who has been reading my blog and who contacted me over one year ago about some material which she found useful in teaching computer skills. She is most helpful in putting in a good word to increase my chances for the position. I highly recommend her blog: karensplanet.blogspot.com .


Karen's Planet said...

Hi Nick - thanks for the nice word on my blog! Actually there are over 100 volunteers in the Eastern Caribbean. Currently 20 are in Saint Lucia. We expect the next group, EC81, in February. I understand between 8 and 10 will come to Saint Lucia...and hopefully you will be the RCVP!

By the way, the picture posted of me in the Kimono was for Japan Day. JOVC or Japanese Volunteers are on this island and a great group of people! We include them in some of our activities and they reciprocate, widening our global circle.

MNBen said...

Looks like you caught the fever.