Saturday, November 28, 2009

Turning 68

A good book, coffee, warm bathrobe, your mother's afghan, a bowl of mini frosted shredded wheat.

Today is my 68th birthday. Sixty eight is just one of those birthdays of little importance or significance. It is not a prime number, square root, nor does it mark getting a driver's license, being able to buy liquor legally, a new decade. It has no hidden occult meanings, double andante, or even a tee hee. It is like Pooh Bear. It just is. But that is what makes being sixty eight such a wonderful experience. It just is. Something to enjoy the essence of being.

A person can't get enough of "just is's" in life.


Karen's Planet said...

Happy Birthday!

Saint Lucia

Anonymous said...

OH HUMMMMM....Like Arnold said "I'll be back"