Saturday, November 14, 2009

Return to Paradise


The call of the South Pacific, to drink Samoa's Vailima beer with current Peace Corps Volunteers, desire to have my picture taken with Samoa's Minister of Health, and the imminence of a Minnesota winter has compelled me to book a trip back to Samoa from December 1st-22nd.

Being a "Serious Man", other more sensible reasons must exist to justify the wanton spending of my Social Security dollars*. There is rumor of the new Iva Primary School dedication on December 20th (my official reason for going), but this is unconfirmed and, even if confirmed, probably totally unreliable. I want to check up on my garden, to see if the door for the sewing machines has ever been unlocked, and the status of bathroom scales. There is also the desire to influence a public awareness between health and weight among Samoans; so if they want to be obese, at least they can feel guilty about it.

My wife, Mary, has decided, rather than joining me, it is preferable to remain snuggled under a down comforter than to risk getting another hospitalizing infection and sweating 24/7 .

*(This statement sure to generate a comment from my faithful blog follower, Anonymous)


Barb Carusillo said...

Sounds like you just miss the place don't you?! You will be there before all of group 78 takes off most likely, though Sara and Cale will be gone. Most, if given the chance to be in Minnesota in the winter and an island paradise....well, I certainly would be on the snorkeling in Manase at Jane's beach fales!

Anonymous said...

Hi there...."Serious Man" is a good movie by the Coen Bros...he to is also a man looking for a reason/answer of happenings surrounding him. Sometimes it's not wise to return, you are not the the king of kings!
ps: the garden is doing well with the ashes of your past.

Pete said...

Anonymous - get a life.

Anonymous said...

Peter chill....I have a life, just tracking another's lost!