Thursday, December 10, 2009

Group 82 Swearing In


After nine weeks of training, fifteen women and five men took the Peace Corps oath today at the Pasifica Hotel in Apia and officially can be called Peace Corps Volunteers. All are going to posts in rural primary schools to assist in the teaching of English as a Second Language with a secondary mission of a health related project. This marks a sharp departure for Peace Corps Samoa, which over the past several years volunteers focused on teaching computer skills in secondary schools and another group focused on development in rural villages (my program).

For me in the audience to watch their proud smiling faces brings back fond memories when our Group 78 took a much shorter version of the oath. Of course each class anywhere feels that their training was the toughest and they the brightest, never to be matched. What more can be added to “Congratulations” and “Good Luck”?

A side result of the program was the seeing familiar faces from our old host family and pastor from our shared training village, Manunu. Their coming up to me with hugs, kisses, and necklaces made of candy, just made up my mind that I must go back and visit them before I return home.

Group 82

Corrina Chang singing in Samoan

Old friends from Manunu
Reverend Roma (right), Oli, from our Manunu host family (left), and two people who I forgot their names


Donna said...

Nice to see "my" family too. Roma's wife Wilma is on the right.


Barb Carusillo said...

I bet you are very nostalgic about your days in Samoa...feel torn betwixt and between!