Friday, December 18, 2009

Primary School Dedication


The main reason for my return to Samoa is to be present for the dedication of the new primary school and supposedly to be honored for my efforts in helping the village get the funds from the Japanese agency, JICA. The school has three separate buildings on a ten-acre site, making a campus with the adjacent Mata ae Vave High School and Prince Edward Park.

In this convoluted place, nothing is, as it seems. The school dedication, for which the village children are practicing songs/dances and feast preparations, is to be held on December 22nd, after being told December 20th and me buying a return ticket for December 21st. If there is going to be a monument to recognize me or the renaming of the school, it may have to wait until after the dedication, the finishing of the second toilet, the construction of a new assembly hall, the clearing of the rugby field, the acceptance of my proposal for a new fence, and the collection of money to pay all the creditors. By that time, people may say, “Niko, who is he?” That’s the way I would bet.

Entrance from Prince Edward Park.

School Front View

School Front View

School Rear View

Porch View of Two Buildings

School Committee Members

They took an active role in construction

Old School

Materials were used from old school for new school. Existing buildings to be used for construction of assembly hall.

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Anonymous said...

BOOO WHOOO...change your plane ticket flight! Some deications are held posthumously, if at all "Nicko who".