Sunday, October 24, 2010

My Sister and Mt. Everest

October 21, 2010
My younger sister, Christine Shuraleff, a retired Eugene, Oregon school counselor, is a world traveler and adventurer. Over the course of her 63 years, she has travelled from the Arctic and Antarctic regions, from the Galapagos to Patagonia to Indian jungles in search of tigers, Botswana to the Svalbard archipelago. She has shunned the cathedrals, seaside beaches, cultural and the culinary meccas for the remote and inaccessible.

Fifteen years ago it was Mt. Kilimanjaro. Her love is rarefied mountain air and there is no more rarified air than that of Mt. Everest, or Mt. Sagarmatha, as the Nepaliese call it, the Goddess of the Sky. So the celebrate her October 6th birthday, her reconstituted knee, to test the amount of gas still in the old girl's tank, and to be spiritually closer to the spirits, it is off to the greatest height she has ever been for an 18 day trek, Mt. Everest Base Camp.

I am really quite proud of her.
Here are some of her pictures:

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Everest Base Camp Trek said...

you should be proud of!! nice job! eye catching pictures!! thumbs up!