Saturday, October 9, 2010

Resuming my blog

October 9, 2010
I find myself beginning to forget things I have done, deep thoughts on obscure notions, and the need to record for myself at least portions of my life. The intervening time since my last entry in August is kind of like a brain fart, time dissipating into a nothingness.

Contributing to this loss is the destruction of my digital camera pictures as Mary and my canoe overturned in a Czech Republic river. I just need to continue on synthesising the past from other people's photos and pilfering the Internet before all my memories become imagination. I have entered some previously written, but unposted blogs.


MNBen said...

I have been waiting for months for you to write! Welcome back! And thanks for the posts.

Barb Carusillo said...

Yes, I agree with Ben, it is nice to see new blogs from you. All this exotic world travel...heading to Western Pennsylvania, and the Smoky Mountains are as exciting as we have gotten since Samoa.