Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Peace Corps gets Challenge

June 6, 2011

Today marks the beginning of distributing printed materials, scales, and inspiration to 35 out of the 36 Peace Corps Volunteers in Samoa. It takes four days to reach them at their homes all over this country. I find it rewarding to visit them where they live and work. It gives me a better understanding of what they have to deal with and their teaching responsibilities.

Here are a few I have visited during their first day back at school after a three week recess:

Jenny McCracken (82)

Kaelin O'Connell (82)
Katie Klane (83)

Natalie Ziemba (83)

Samantha Maranell (83)

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Teri said...

I am taking the Samoa Challenge, too. I started wearing my pink plastic wristband on June 1, which I think was the official first day? Not sure how long I can keep it on though. When wet it is a little itchy and people keep asking me if I just got out of the hospital ;-) I may have to complete the challenge sans bracelet.