Monday, June 27, 2011

Pizza party

June 22, 2011

Somehow I got roped into buying pizza for the women who work in the office and can make my life there better or worse. I tied buying pizza with my Samoa Challenge of which they all have pledged to “try” to lose weight. It had been one month since the start with them weighing themselves almost daily.

Results at weigh-in for pizza qualification were mixed. Although most had lost or maintained, others gained which they attributed to their time of month, couldn’t argue about over that. All qualified for pizza.

The average weight of those women in their 20’s was 208 pounds. The older women were by far the most health conscious and of normal weight. A few of the younger women joined the older women on their nightly walks. Now, they have to realize that the word “organic” doesn’t mean squat when you consume bags of fried chips every day.

The initiative they have taken on their own was encouraging. Some said they weighed less the day after the pizza. Hard to figure if their time of month was over or the pizza eaten, the more weight lost.

An official “team building” office pizza party is scheduled for next week. Even more weight loss.

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