Monday, August 29, 2011

Stolen Wristbands

August 20, 2011

Nothing is ever stolen in Samoa, things just go missing.

The next morning after the Rock da Boat experience, I take the ferry to deliver awards to some of the volunteers on the island of Savaii who did not make trip into Apia, to spend the next two nights with my old host family in the Village of Iva, and specifically to have a rare Sunday meeting with the head nurse at the hospital on Savaii to deliver 120 wristbands for the island’s hospital staff.

When what to my panicky eyes should appear at the farthest point of Savaii is my car sans wristbands. The wristbands are the reason for my trip.

The missing wristbands can only be at one of the following: the Peace Corps office, the Maona Blue Restaurant, or my house, all of which are in Apia, a long and ferry ride away.

I have to admit to driving slightly above the 25 mph Samoan speed limit to reach the last ferry of the day three minutes before it leaves the wharf.

No wristbands at the Peace Corps office in Apia.

Next, the floating restaurant where the employees proudly show me their wristbands of which I have no recollection of giving them. An empty wristband box under a table is an indication I may be on to something. Upon further inquiry wristbands emerge from deep within a drawer behind the bar, and my surgical scissors from the manager’s purse. Everyone is happy.

Early the following Sunday morning, it is back to the ferry and Savaii to continue my trip minus an unknown number of pink wristbands.

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Paper Wristbands said...

I really like the sentence you begin with in this post, I'd love to live in a place where things were never stolen, a place where people don't feel the need to steal would be a very happy place in my mind. I'm glad you found them in the end, it would've been quite sad if someone had been compelled to steal a box of wristbands for hospital staff but then again we do live in a strange old world that doesn't always make sense.