Friday, September 2, 2011


September 1, 2011

Clear Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil as it usually appears in Samoa

Same oil undergoing flocculation in Minnesota

Extra virgin organic coconut oil is the main economic venture promoted by the NGO, Women in Business Development(WIBD), with whom I was associated during my Health Challenge project in Samoa. The oil is wonderful stuff used by Samoans for body massages and hair oil, some others for cooking, and exported to the Body Shop in the U.K. to make cosmetics. When the bottles of coconut oil I brought back turned from a crystal clear liquid to a white solid, I began to wonder why. This could be a serious problem.

A clue to the puzzle is on the label of a coconut massage oil I brought back from Samoa in 2009. It states the oil turns solid under 72 degrees F. It is also the reason why this massage oil has never been used by me in Minnesota and why my clear oil turned to a solid. These are conditions never experienced in Samoa.

My emails to WIBD about my observations have so not been replied. This may give you some idea of the conditions I experienced in Samoa.

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