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Jay and Hannah’s Wedding, Day 1

September 3, 2011

Leiga (Jay) and Hannah at my Samoan house (2009)

Hannah Goldman was a Peace Corps with Mary and my Peace Corps Group 78. At our Samoan training village of Manunu, Hannah saw Leiga (Jay) Iamanu as he performed on Sunday with the village’s church youth group in June, 2007. Attracted by Jay’s winning smile, and dance moves, Hannah wanted to meet him. As fate would have it, Jay likewise spotted Hannah as a person he would like to meet. Since Jay was living with the church’s pastor and “dating” even among Samoans is still in the developmental stage it took a kind fairy in the form of Peace Corps Volunteer, Donna Barr, who was also living with the pastor to suggest they meet. They did, and the rest was history.

Mary and I were met at Dulles Airport by another Peace Corps from our Group 78, Christian Heath, who had arrived a few hours earlier from Vietnam, flying through two sunrises to make it to the wedding on time. Jacob Burny, also from Group 78, picked us up as we headed to the hills of West Virginia, guided by Rachel, Jacob’s GPS friend.

The Wedding Venue

Jay and Hannah live in Pittsburgh, but the wedding took place at the summer camp, Camp Tall Timbers, in High View, West Virginia. The entire camp with all its facilities was needed to house and entertain the approximately 80 guests from around the country. As you might expect, a bell was rung to announce planned activities blocks. Sleeping arrangements were in cabins, meals of good, hearty summer camp style food.


Frisbee football

Fun in the pool Eric Geer trying for a 10 score belly flop

Sara Reeves with her much better camera than mine

Evening Program

The highlight of the evening program was a CD made of Jay’s family members in Samoa as each wished their son, brother, or relative best wishes and blessings from God along with invitation to bring his new wife back to their Samoan home. Even though everyone spoke in Samoan, the tears in their eyes spoke a language all could understand. The CD arrived the day before and Jay had not seen it before. Jay and Hannah talking about how they met and translating his family's messages Handing out gifts to wedding party

Peace Corps Attendees

Kate Everett, Donna Barr, Erin Jenkins, Justin and Anna Newnum, Jacob Burney, Christian Heath, Nick and Mary Shuraleff, Stephanie Hsu, Eric and Mrs. Geer, Laura Hanks and friend, Roco?, Meghan Veltri, Sally Briggs, Sara and Cale Reeves

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