Friday, June 22, 2012

Catching Up

June 21, 1912

It has been a while since I last had the desire to post what is happening. It is not as if nothing has been happening, but what has been happening just doesn't seem exotic. Sometimes one confuses the exotic with the significant.

Who can say my that my 33 year old son's proposal of marriage to his long-time friend, Heidi, on the Gran Place in Brussels, or the high school graduation of my grandson in State College, Pa, or the first birthday festival of my other grandson in a few days, or the trials and tribulations of my oldest daughter now living with us in the midst of looking for a job while going through a divorce, or trying to pass on my two businesses while letting a long-time excellent employee go are not significant? This they are, but not exotic.

As for the exotic, this Sunday Mary and I head for Morocco to meet up with Hanna Siemering, Peace Corps (Samoa 2007-2009, The Gambia 2010-2012) whom we travelled with in the Gambia and Senegal. Then I am off to Nairobi the first of October for ten weeks as a "Marketing Expert" with the International Fertilizer Development Center.

This blog is really meant for me. Sure it is nice that others may enjoy reading it, but it really is a journal to myself. As such, I am like many others who tend to overlook how important what we consider the mundane activities and those with whom you associate in everyday life really are.

What gives me great blogging pleasure is to realize the longevity of a blog. It is when a Samoan retrieves a picture of his recently deceased grandmother, or a cook book author wants permission to use pictures of native Samoan food, or another person laughs at eating bats, or yet an ex-pat Samoan reminisces about his boyhood, one realizes why it is important to continue.

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