Saturday, June 30, 2012

A Fez dinner

June 26, 2012

After calling Mohammed to see if he really wanted to have dinner with us and hanging up with the feeling that he was unsure about who I was. We agreed to at McDonalds.

Joined by another Gambian Peace Corps Volunteer, Trisha, we sat awaiting our ride, not sure what would happen. Alas, he arrived with his friends. We all crammed into a small car. Off we went into the night. Down several dark alleys. Up flights of stairs to be seated in a large room with mysterious strangers moving in and out. There arose the possibility of this could be it.

Joined by others, each of whom had grander or more spectacular stories to tell, we went up more flights of stairs to the roof top to enjoy a meal of turkey legs with Kiko and a "millionaire young savant", Amin. The lighted city of Fez spread out before us.

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