Saturday, November 10, 2012

Bumps Ahead

 November 19, 2012
South Sudan is a new country, formed after a bitter civil warAfter a bitter civil war, the country of South Sudan was established in July, 2011. As a result, numerous agencies have been pouring into the country to assist in its recovery, many times in uncoordianted efforts.

The sign below is typical of the ironies encountered. It is meant to warn people of newly created speed bumps to prevent speeding through a village or school area.
Speed bumps are probably the smoothest part of the road.
Don't worry about speeding because this is what the road is really like.
These are real speed bumps. 
My 100 mile trip took six hours and I was lucky because we actually made it through.
Others were not so lucky.
 Note truck propped up with poles. The other not so lucky.

Break time.  
 My savior and driver, Steven.


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