Saturday, November 10, 2012

Man Carrying Rock

November 10, 2012

The town of Lainya, South Sudan is notable for not much except death and destruction during Sudan's 20 year civil war. Now there is something very notable in Lainya, a statue of a man with a rock above his head.

This statue first came to my attention by another volunteer with a press pass in the area when his car did not go properly around the town's roundabout which not only has the statue in it, and is off to the side of the main road, but also located in front of the police station. He was put in jail for a couple of hours for disobeying the roundabout and paying off the police.

When the same reporter passed Lainya again on his return, he stepped out of the car to take a picture of the statue, only to be jailed again at the nearby police station and pressured to pay a fine.

I knowing of this story and wanting to get a photo of the statue went to the police station and humbly asked permission, only to be taken to the mayor who wanted to know who I was, and where I came from. He also said "How much are you going to pay?". I said, "nothing" and that I wanted to make Lainya famous.

I must say I didn't stay long enough to read all the information on the plaque. During British Colonial times this man carried this exact stone several miles in defiance and is today remembered for his heroism and sheer ability to carry such a heavy rock so far. Please don't quote me on the statues history. There were a lot of police with automatic weapons, so I tought I should tarry.


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Teri said...

The statue is all good and fine, but I'm just relieved you didn't end up in jail along with the other volunteer.