Saturday, February 17, 2007

Living in Chaos

Adaptability is a characteristic which Peace Corps Volunteers should possess. It is understood your ability to adjust to change can determine your success in a foreign environment. There are numerous questions the PC has to see whether you have this "Right Stuff". However, this characteristic doesn't begin when you land on some remote tropical isle, but when you list your house for sale.

Even though my life has had its ups and downs and I have had to make adjustments, my wallet was always on top of my dresser and my blue jeans always in a pile next to my bed. What seemed to many as sloppiness was to me a well organized way of life.

Now my house looks great, something like a furniture store showroom. The house is cleared of stuff to make the rooms look bigger, a red velvet chair replaces my dresser, and ferns grow in my shower where once soap existed. It looks organized, but in reality my life is in chaos. I can't find a thing! I wander lost, opening the few drawers left in search of such things as checkbooks, socks, even the last can of tuna fish has disappeared. Funk is now a word with real meaning.

Will I pass this adaptability test? I can't say for sure. It is still too early in this house selling process. I need to adjust to this new life where at the whim of a prospective buyer the essentials of your life is quickly stuffed into some drawer, you drive off to anywhere, as your house is being "shown".

To give you a feel of my life's metamorphosis, below is a sample of the changes I have had to endure in one room.

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