Monday, February 5, 2007

What to do with my businesses.

For many people, retirement is a welcomed and mandatory event which makes joining the Peace Corps a logical decision. But for a self-employed person, like myself, the desire to join the Peace Corps is a little more complicated. Does one sell the business, two businesses in my case, or try to continue their operation while being in the Peace Corps?

For me the decision is easy because of the wonderful employees with whom I have the good fortune to be associated. They are more than capable of continuing and even growing the businesses without me. Although leaving one's life work, and I might add one's retirement income, in the hands of others may trouble some, I feel my time has come to step aside and give them the opportunity to show their stuff. I might say they have not disappointed.

Will employee mistakes be made? Surely. Will they be any worse than the ones I have made? I think not. Will they exceed what I would have done if I had continued to stay? Definitely, yes!

If you are interested here are the websites: and

Of course if you live in Minnesota, we certainly would like your business.

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