Friday, August 17, 2007

A Bunch of Bananas


Last week our host family set out a bunch of bananas just before we were to depart for a week in Apia. During our rush to leave, we forgot them. When we returned a week later, our host family said that when they looked at a banana they were reminded of us being away. They said the entire village was very sad about the Peace Corps one week absence.

How can one properly describe the Peace Corps impact and the connection with the people of this small remote Samoan village of Manunu? There is an air of melancholy and sadness in the air and we still have two weeks to go. The leader of the village told me that for many villagers, these months have been the happiest of their lives. Wow!

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Teri said...

Dad, please talk more about this. I am so curious about what those villagers said. What was it about the PC volunteers being in Manunu that made it one of the happiest times in their lives?