Thursday, August 2, 2007

Dogs of Samoa, Update

Samoa is trying to encourage tourism and is preparing for an influx of foreigners for the South Pacific Games later this month, but the dogs of Samoa pose a problem. They can not distinguish between friend or foe. They can attach anyone at anytime.

To reduce the chance of dog bite, the authorities have shot over 600 dogs in Apia and other resort areas this year. More would have shot, except they ran out of bullets. About 1,000 other dogs were "put to sleep".

Samoans use dogs to guard their homes and to alert them of strangers. Almost all the dogs in Samoa belong to someone, usually several. The dogs are hardly ever fed. Commercial dog food in non-existent. To control the dog population, people routinely kill female puppies. This leaves a lot of hungry, horny male dogs roaming around town and villages. Maybe that is why they are so aggressive?

If you ever come to Samoa, leave your pooch at home. Your pet is no match for even the puniest Samoan dog.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Nick and Mary, A bunch of us got together at Sandy's the other night and I found out that you are emailing some of our group. How can I get in on the emails/list? I follow your blog religiously and love finding out all about what you guys are doing. Now that you are in Apia for a while, perhaps you could add me to an email list. I am and would love to hear from you. I was so sorry I couldn't come to your going away party, you know I would have been there if possible. Keep up the great blogs and take care. Everything sounds so interesting. Mary Lou