Monday, August 6, 2007

Stepping Outside the Training Bubble


The main event this past week was our group’s first visit to our permanent villages. This is where we are to spend the next two years. The experience put us face to face with people and location with which we are to associate. For some, the revelation of housing, scenery, and village leaders exceeded expectations; for others that life beyond our nurtured training environment is going to be a real challenge. For all, we are being transported to the world we volunteered to enter.

For those of us in the VBD, Village Based Development Program, there is by nature an ambiguity of what our projects are to be. We are kind of like seeds, blown by the wind, and expected to take root and flourish in foreign soil. Many wonder exactly why they are there. Yet it is very immensity of this challenge that characterizes the spirit of our group.

The main part of our Peace Corps training is completed. The remaining two weeks in Manunu Village consist of reviews, rehearsals for our farewell village fiafia, with final swearing in as official Peace Corps Volunteers on August 22nd.

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Teri said...

Glad to hear you did get your village assignment even though your host/housing is still up in the air. Did the mayor die of natural causes? Since his family was to be your host, sounds like it must have been sudden and unexpected.

I will find Lotofaga,Upolo on the map so I have an better idea where you will be for the next 2 years. Sounds like there are two villages with the same name?

Enjoy your last 2 weeks in Manunu and the big farewell fia fia. You are both in my thoughts every day.