Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iva Talent Contest: Asides


There are too many occurrences challenging our way of thinking to list, but here are a few you might enjoy reading.

“The Sound of Music”- What a beautiful thing to experience as you listen to different groups practicing for the talent contest. The groups usually consist of mixed ages and gender. The joy they get out of signing and dancing is better than Julie Andrews on a mountaintop.

“Don’t tell them the rules”- If the contestants know what the rules are, they may change their performances.

“We have only $300 for prizes and need $1,200”- No problem, the mayor and an associate went off to Apia to collect money from villagers with jobs.

“What you cancelled a talent category that we have been practicing for a week?”- Don’t worry, we just add those groups to another.

“Do you know what that recorded sound is?”- It is a train whistle on the CD. I showed them the motion to pull the whistle chain. Big hit. Samoan’s may have never seen a train, but they sure know how to pull one’s chain.

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Unknown said...

I think this is the day of the big Talent Contest.(We haven't figured out what the time difference is between Samoa and Minnesota. We can't wait to hear how it turns out. Will there be a video recording of it? Are you and Mary showcasing your talents, or are you strictly organizers? Break a Leg! The Bradens