Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Iva Talent Contest


Some events are beyond description. You just have to experience it to get any grasp as to what happened. Miracles fall into this category for not only are they unexplainable, but have no logical explanation how they took place. The Iva Talent Contest was just such an occurrence.

The two days of rain stopped, over 50 acts put on four continuous hours of show until 11:30 pm, each act more amazing than the one before, no rehearsals, no run through, no technical problems, hundreds of spectators covering every patch of ground within eye sight and ear shot of the church step stage, emcees, judges, decorators, fund raisers, old and young, straight and gay, from all of the village’s six churches, everyone together to show their talents and make a statement to those doubters of the abilities of the village youth.

The first time ever village wide event is a major step in having the youth feel they are an important part of the community and when given the opportunity are a resource for the future development of Iva.

Peace Corps Helpers
Renee Moog, Nick, Safiya Mitchell, Paul Sylvester, Jacob Burney

Hopefully more photos coming.

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Teri said...

Congrats on the great success of the big talent show! Wow, four hours of talent. I'd love to have witnessed this first ever event in Iva. I know you two put lots of work into this project and must be gratifying to have such enthusiastic participation and audience turnout. Can't wait to see more photos!