Saturday, December 8, 2007

Iva Talent Contest: Run-Up


It began about two months ago as a suggested way to have Iva youth feel a part of the village and has turned into a 50 act talent contest to be held December 8th. What is amazing about this first ever attempt to do such a thing is to view the developmental process via Mary’s and my western eyes.

There have been a number of meetings, none of which have started when stated, many of which participants are not aware, no agendas, and almost all of which is spoken in Samoan; yet, somehow participants register, prize money is collected, lights and sound systems are arranged, decorations planned, emcees appointed, and guests housed.

Our reactions are predictable. Mary’s concern is for the people who sit and wait for the others to appear. She also worries about where our guests are going to sleep? What are they to eat? I worry about how it is possible to schedule 50 acts within a 2 ½ hour program.

Our Samoan friends say “Aua Popole” and “Onasai” which mean Don’t Worry and Be Patient in Samoan. Of course, they know what they are doing and we…well, they are taking us along for the ride. What a wild trip it is!

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