Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Battle Plans: DAH (Diabetes and Hypertension)


No general attempts an attack on a defensive position without at least a 3 to 1 advantage nor reveal battle plans, yet this is what I am about to do. It is to put in writing before I chicken out the suicidal sortie against the 50% rate of diabetes and/or hypertension for all village males and 40% rate for all females. It is to attack the very thing I have warned kills volunteers and not to touch, Fa’asamoa (Samoan Culture). Whatever… I have less than a year left. What the hell, why else am I here!

The easy part of the battle has already started, about two hundred village residents have already been tested. I seem to have an ally in the Diabetes Association. I have recruited the neighboring village of Vaisaulu to be tested and for retesting of Iva residents at the end of this month. I have made contact with the Head Nurse at the local hospital who happens to be a resident of Iva and who saw me at her church last Sunday, to provide me with information and hopefully nurse power. I feel confident that we shall test many more, probably with the same or worse results. Then what?

For anyone else the high incidence of DAH is as obvious as one Samoan occupying two seats. To get Samoans to lose just 10 pounds is the real battle. For that fight I need God himself whom I fully intend to bring into the fray.

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