Monday, May 30, 2011

The Amazing Race

May 28, 2011

The Samoan Victim Support Group is an NGO which is trying to reduce the amount of domestic violence and to provide a shelter for those victims of abuse. The Group has been successful in raising awareness of people’s legal rights regarding domestic abuse with signs and pamplets throughout the country.

Supy Tauthong is an Peace Corps Volunteer who extended for a third year and is working with the organization. He helped to organize “A Samoan Amazing Race” of 8 four member teams who raced frantically through the streets of Apia for two hours trying to earn prize points and generally creating quite a stir doing various stunts. Fun event for a serious cause.

Peta, Supy, and Rosie setting up registration desk
Group photo of participants
Aussie team, Australian Youth Ambassadors
Hats team
Just couldn't pass by a photo shot with a member of the Fedora Society
The Supersize team
Instruction time
LeMans style start of race
Vailima beer team doing task of washing windows at local gas station
Lonely volunteer waiting to be discovered at Fish Marketbus station
Reading task instructions at Tanona Hotel
Doing the task of swimming in hotel pool while guests watch
What a refreshing task, indeed
Another team discovers the pool
Racing to another task
Registering the results

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