Friday, July 6, 2012


July 5, 2012
Exhaustion is one of those words you don't read about in travel magazines. Jet-lag, yes, as a form of being tired, but exhaustion is just too exhausting a subject to handle.

There are two types of exhaustion; one physical, the other mental.

The physical exhaustion comes about from lack of routine. There are the common causes like lack of sleep, moving your bags from one place to another, irregular eating times and foods.

Mental exhaustion is harder to overcome. It is dealing with the strangeness of a place, the customs you expect, but don't get or others don't respond. It is turning a corner to find you are suddenly lost and those you seek direction have no idea what you are talking about, or will help you for a fee. It is planning your next step and wondering whether taking another step is really worth the effort.

Yet, it is knowing that exhaustion awaits you which makes it all the more adventuresome. 

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