Thursday, July 12, 2012


July 4-5, 2012

Rabat is the capital city on the coast Morocco with about 2.5 million. Compared to the chaos of Casablanca and Tangier, Rabat is staid and organized.
Our top floor room at the old French era Hotel Royal in the center of Rabat has a wonderful patio overlooking a park. This follows my pathetic pleas after being shown our first "rat's nest" room.
Other than our continuing trip-long shortage of toilet paper, the place had a touch of aged elegance.
Moroccans don't readily talk about their own politics. Although technically a democracy (aren't they all?), it is ruled by a king, Mohammed VI who follows his somewhat notorious father, Hassen II, and the "Years of Lead". This quiet student lead street demonstartion is about freeing people jailed without trail for expressing their opposition to the government.

Note: Morocco is considered a non-NATO ally of the U.S.

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