Saturday, July 14, 2012

"Sleepless in Casablanca?"

July 9, 2012

What seems to be a no brainer can often times become a brain burner. Such is our predicament in deciding where to spend our last night before catching an early morning flight home via Paris and Amsterdam.

The Casablanca airport is located miles from any hotel except one, the Atlas Airport Hotel. The hotel has a generous rating of 2.5/5, with numerous complaints about its poor service and dumpiness. We feel the hotel and its lack of any competition may be owned by the king or some army general. Internet sources indicate it is fully booked.

Staying in a distant Casablanca hotel for a few hours then trying to find an expensive early
 morning taxi seems problematic.

Changing our flight to a later one means a late night arrival in Minneapolis at an additional cost of $3,900 plus a $500 airline fee seems extravagant.

Sleeping in the airport seems to be the only viable though horrific solution.

Why this is worthy of a few words on this blog is these choices plagued our trip for days, until the night before we were able to book a room. Issue resolved. End of story.
 Atlas Airport Hotel, Casablanca
(Official hotel website photo)
The hotel is something out of the space bar scene in "Star Wars". Its guests, including us, are creatures from distant lands thrown together. We have no complaints. The showers and air-conditioning work. The bed, sans a few sheets, is sleepable. Our predawn shuttle driver awaits us after the first prayers of the day and a surprise breakfast. We give it a 3.5 rating just because it is dumpy and are thankful.

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