Sunday, October 14, 2012

Kissing a Giraffe

October 14, 2012

Went to "Giraffe Manor" outside of Nairobi today. It is a private park established to protect and educate people about giraffes.

It also has a luxurious Manor House and Estate where giraffe lovers can stay for up to $1,000/night and where you can feed giraffes from you bedroom window (no discounts for multi-night stays).

A group of ex-Peace Corps Volunteers went to learn about and kiss giraffes, as well as, eating a sumptuous meal while relating the pros and con of our Peace Corps experiences.
The approach
 The warm-up
The kiss
Saliva is anti-septic

 Dining in the Manor House
Julie (Swaziland), Steve (Swaziland) , Nick (Samoa), Dan (Kenya), Jim (Mongolia)




Mary said...

Yikes! A French kiss yet!

Teri said...

Wonder how many people can say they've kissed a giraffe? That's my dad!