Thursday, October 25, 2012

Working with Africans

October 25, 2012

I am beginning to appreciate working with East Africans. The ones I have met are open in their discussions and feelings. There seems to be a mutual respect in the exchange of ideas. Most of the ones I meet daily are educated, but even the uneducated seem to have these qualities.

If there is a mistrust, it is with their own government and politicians. If there is a trust, it is in their religion. If there is bigotry, it is with other ethnic African groups. There is a curiosity about the outside world, but I haven't detected an envy. They are generally quiet and reserved.

My travels to other countries in the region haven't started yet and my opinions could change.
So far, so good.


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Teri said...

Mutual respect in the exchange of ideas? Something our political parties could use a lesson in. From your description, East Africans sound like civil folk.