Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Jones House

October 20, 2012
Since being here I have lived in at two different places and slept in five different beds, due to either volunteers before me claiming seniority when returning from trips or only three available beds for four people.
My latest house belongs to the supervisor of my program who is gone this next week with his wife on vacation to Cape Town, South Africa. He has kindly let me stay in his house.
This is where I now live on Thigiri Ridge Road, Nairobi.
Sure beats regular Peace Corps accommodations.
Entrance to house, complete with occupied guard house.
 Driveway looking back to entrance gate.

Front lawn
Front porch 



 Living room


 Servant's quarter
Live-in housekeeper who cooks and does laundry
"Pela", the guard dog 

"Cat", the cat

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Teri said...

Nice digs! Is that a pig on the lawn? I can't tell if it's real or garden statuary.