Tuesday, May 8, 2007

The Family Photograph

Front: Nick and Mary Shuraleff, Kim (Shuraleff) Wolfe
Middle: Steve Christensen, Matt Wolfe, Sam Christensen
Rear: Teri (Shuraleff) Christensen, Nicholas Shuraleff III

There is no photograph more treasured or gratifying than that of your adult family. Contained within its frame is the distillation and transference of your life.

Just who is included in your family photograph is governed by the laws of biology, the laws of society, and by the laws of the heart. The characters are based more on chance than by design, yet mysteriously joined.

As I view the figures in all their imperfect shapes and poses, my mind inserts the missing and most important pixel, the love we have for them and most of all the love they have for each other. One hopes that this 1/60th of a second can be extended into the years ahead.

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