Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Surprise Party Kudos

Jennifer Fahey

The April 28th surprise party for Mary and me was concieved about three months ago by Jennifer Fahey, Mary's niece from Boston. Even though she broke her leg about two months before the party, Jennifer managed to coordinate the affair. She also was the prime mover for the audio-video show. Jennifer acted as Emcee.

Teri Christensen with Sam, Steve, and Henry

My daughter, Teri Christensen from State College, PA, handled much of the party details and invitations via Steve, her husband, helped with the music. The entire family came from PA. Henry stayed home.

Nicholas Shuraleff, III

My son, Nicholas, managed to get the many email addresses off our computer while still attending the University of Iowa. He had the difficult job of convincing Mary and me to go to Stella's Restaurant and to push me out the elevator door.

Kay Wangard, blond in the middle

Kay Wangard, Mary's friend from Edina, found and reserved the room at Stella's.

David Braden, rear with blue lei

David Braden, from our Edina Book Club, wrote and presented the "Ode to Nick & Mary"

Of course, this is just a partial list of all those who made our Surprise Party such a success and surprise. There is no way other way to express our gratitude, other than to say "Thank You"

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