Thursday, May 31, 2007


Packing for any trip is really a combination of physics, imagination, economics, and the law. It is the art of reducing all that you own into parcels which your mode of transportation physically allows and which your mind deems to be needed. Your packing list is a compilation of suggestions from both official and unofficial sources. Packing is done with the full understanding that at least half of what you bring is never used and what you truly require is forgotten.

The Essentials:
Laptop computer, digital camera, cell phone, electrical converter, address book, pictures, credit cards, zip lock bags, battery operated lantern, toilet paper, and a return date.

Two year supply of underwear (one year sealed for future use), Chacos and other non-leather sandals, hats, ponchos, cargo shorts, light dresses, short shelve shirts, and swimming suits.

Personal care:
Two year supply of disposable razors, shaving mug with soap and brush, septic pencil, camp towel, waterproof cosmetics, and a comb.

Enough bandages and antiseptics to handle a national disaster, enough Immodium to plug a New Orleans levee, fungicide for those nasty rashes, and itch creams, repellents, and sun screen to be constantly anointed for two years.

Did I forget anything?


Anonymous said...

Hair products for Mary

Anonymous said...

hi shuraleff i wish you the best good luck guys see you soon adios amigos