Friday, May 25, 2007

Mary Returns to College

Mary's A.A. degree graduation
from University of Minnesota

What's a husband to do after his wife cools from hot flashes then decides to join the Peace Corps and now has re-enrolled in college after a 40 year absence to complete her B.A. degree ? Isn't it enough to graduate the kids, sell the house, and say goodbyes? Is it hormonal or what? What do I know about life, except the latest sport poll rankings.

Fortunately, Metropolitan State University in Minnesota has a new pilot program whereby Peace Corps training can be applied towards an undergraduate degree. This makes sense since the first three months in Samoa consists of six hours per day for six days a week mostly of language, cultural and survival skills classes while living with a native family. According to my calculations, this is more classroom time than all the eight years I spent in college.

You might ask what is she going to do with the degree when she completes it? The answer is probably similar to the one about joining the Peace Corps.

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