Friday, January 18, 2008



Mary was asked during her recent visit to Minneapolis about the mechanics of this blog. I shall try my best.

First of all, I am happy some people enjoy reading my scribbles. However, this blog is really an extension of journals written during our travels. These journals on steno pads are stored in boxes, probably never to be read, and never written with the intention to be read. Keeping a journal is my way to better understand the many dramas around me.

I usually write early in the morning with a companion cup of coffee. The subject material is mulled over during the night from the thousands of potential subjects encountered everyday. A night of insomnia is helpful for remembering my thoughts until the dawn. I edit very little. When particularly moved, I get Mary’s opinion and feedback. My biggest problem is not subject material, but time. There is so much to write about in even one minute of every day.

I strongly encourage others to get into the habit of keeping a journal. It slowly becomes a habit. Writing also makes that morning cup of coffee more enjoyable and helps you to appreciate the many miracles of life.

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