Friday, January 4, 2008

New Years 2008


While my wife is plodding through the snows of Minnesota visiting our children and her relatives for the holidays, my New Years is on a beach in Samoa with some other Peace Corps friends. We are just a group of wild a crazy "guys".

Our daily schedule consists of swimming in the sea, talking about movies, with intermittant naps, reading, and cooking our own meals. At night we lay on the beach looking up at the sky and making wishes on shooting stars as Orion looks down on us from overhead. Slightly after midnight, we sleep only to repeat the schedule the next day.

We are the "New Peace Corps" in Samoa. No wild parties, orgies, or alcohol. We wear our bike helmets, eat taro, and shower every day. There are even a few volunteers who like George Bush!

A Wild and Crazy Guy

Doing our Homework

Our New Year's Retreat

Resting to Rest Some More


Teri said...

Wonderful! Your description of evenings spent laying on the beach making wishes on falling stars is delicious. Love hearing what a relaxing, fun New Years break you all had.

Anonymous said...

I love George Bush and I'm Samoan.