Wednesday, January 23, 2008

No News


There are all kinds of deprivation studies. Most describe some kind of “osis” when a person suddenly ceases a habitual pattern. So what happens when an American is thrust into a “no news” world? How does one cope without the knowledge of outside events? How can you form an opinion? What dangers lurk just beyond your control? How do you fill news less hours?

I have no radio, TV, or newspapers. Occasionally I peek at Yahoo headlines for a moment. I may dwell for two moments on sports scores, but I really don’t even care about them anymore. I am becoming a “So What” person. There is a sense of liberation about being in the dark, ignorant of the world’s woes, freed from the fear of being cast as uninformed.

As to the importance of news… Who was Gerald Ford’s (former U.S. President) running mate? Who was the 2006 World Series MVP? Who won the 2006 World Series? What happened to acid rain, the energy crisis, anthrax, Harp seals, or Anna Nicole Smith’s baby?

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Anonymous said...

To those, I too say "who cares?" What I care about now big will my rebate check be???

Benjamin Hansen