Wednesday, January 23, 2008

How does your garden grow?


Little did I realize the impact of starting a garden. It become the center of my activity this past month. One section has flowers; the other vegetables.

In the flower section, all kinds grow of which I know none. People keep planting more. Amongst the flowers a corn stalk emerged. Nobody knows how it got there. It is almost sacred. A good omen, maybe?

In the vegetable section, my cabbage, (bok choy/kapisi), is being eaten by surrounding families after only one month. People say it is doing better than that of the farmer from whom I got the sprouts. I plan to let some of these supermench vegetables go to seed to share and propagate in other gardens.

Oh my la’au pele (a bush-like plant with nutritious spinach looking leaves), they grow like teenagers fed by the effluent of the kitchen drain, taking in Joy dishwashing liquid to accelerate their growth.

Of course, I don’t want to slight my cucumbers and beans. They are growing rapidly, climbing the fence posts and creeping along the ground.

My peppers are a challenge. These little seeds resist sprouting on schedule. My first attempt a failure due to my impatience. They are my slow learners, ADD handicapped.

I now have seeds for leeks, beefsteak tomatoes, and carrots. My host father wants me to enter my future produce in the government’s agricultural contest at the end of March. I love having black volcanic soil under my finger and toenails. Will this madness cease?
What is happening to me?

How about those cabbages!

Flower Garden

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