Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chickens 1, Nick 0


One battle lost does not decide a war, but the psychological effects on the loser are immense. The loser can lose faith in their cause, but must somehow find the power to regroup for another attempt at the foray.

“Fuck the cabbage in my garden. Let the little feathered bastards eat the remains of what they have not already pillaged. It is time to plant crops they don’t like”, so my thinking goes. At least I am not bitter about losing this agronomical battle.


MNBen said...

I think you should have roasted chicken for supper tonight. Set the fire pit up by your garden, right where all the cluckers can see their cohart getting fried!

Teri said...

I agree with Benjamin 100%. Cluck the damn cluckers! Let them experience the horror of witnessing their cabbage pillaging comrade sizzle. Serves the cluckers right.

Steve says: I suggest solar powered capacitors which charge by day, then discharge through chickens-to-ground by night. Or in plain English, a solar powered electric fence that zaps the piss out of them. Simply electrocute the cluckers.