Wednesday, September 24, 2008



After a while certain things get to you. You can’t take it anymore. You must take action. Then a force ceases your body and you do something irrational, like redecorating.

Maybe it is the children’s handprints permanently imbedded on the not yet dried walls when we initially arrived, or the lave dust giving all surfaces a black, dirty patina, or it could be the wish to fulfill Mary’s and my desire to make this house our house. Whatever, I am redecorating.

The curse of redecorating is uncovering additional problems or subjecting you to the bewilderment of people who can afford only one eternal coat. Finally when your body aches, your paint cans empty, and brushes cleaned, you see the spot you missed and the person you miss.

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Anonymous said...

I see you must have been inspired by your sunflowers--they inspired Van Gogh to paint too! Looks good! Mary's been doing a little redecorating on the Linden Hills Condo. Can't wait to see it!Ann B.