Thursday, September 11, 2008

Savaii Rendezvous


Tim Martin (Group 76) ended two successful years of Peace Corps service last week. Being officially out of the Peace Corps he could and did rent a van picking up all the volunteers on Savaii for one of a series of departing fetes before returning to his St. Paul, MN home next Monday. Details of the event cannot be posted on this blog due to the Peace Corps Savaiian code, which states, “Anything that happens on Savaii, stays on Savaii.”

This is a rare opportunity for the new Peace Corps members to become acquainted and learn from the more experienced volunteers. Again due to security issues subject matter is classified.

Thanks Tim and good luck for whatever the future brings.

All Savaii Peace Corps Volunteers, plus One
Seated: Jim (80), Sam (80), Ben (80), Jacob (78), Briony (80), Jenney (80)
Rear: Spencer (80), Trent (80), Max (79), Dylan (77), Rosie (79), Tim (76), Ben (78),
and Erin (77) Upolu
Missing, Me.

First Stop was for Me. Tim and Dylan Already Gassed Up.

Savaii Peace Corps Ladies
Briony, Rosie, Jenny, and Sam

Jacob Burney (78) Contemplating Something

Ben Harding (78) at His Village Site Where He Grows Watermelons and Builds Water Tanks

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Barb Carusillo said...

You must be the wise elder statesman of your group...the others all look like 20 somethings. (now, isn't that nicer than being called the old coot of the group?)