Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Are You a Christian?


Columbia, Sweden, New Zealand, Canada, United States

A group of teens doing Bible studies in New Zealand were quests at the Pentecostal Worship Center while I was attending the service. They performed a skit about how Jesus helps to repel Satan and told about how important Jesus/God is in their lives. I invited them over for some free mango jam.

At my house, they told about what they were doing. I told them about the Peace Corps and my activities. I asked if they had any questions. The American boy quickly asked the usual American question about what I did before Peace Corps. Then the Swedish girl asked, “Are you a Christian?” How do you respond to a starry-eyed youth who talks to God that you do not share her views, and that people should be judged by their actions, not their suppositions?

They wanted to stay and talk some more, but then there were lots of Samoan ears just outside my porch. I gave them the jam, took their picture, and said how I admired young people venturing out to see the world. They then departed into the night.

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