Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Donna “Tona” Barr Departs

Another member of our Group 78 is leaving. After 1½ years in her beautiful seaside village of Potasi on Upolu, Donna Barr is returning to care for her mother in Colorado who is undergoing hip surgery. Donna is from Hawaii.

Donna is the most dedicated of our group in learning the Samoan language. Her interests in Samoa’s culture, flora, and fauna run deep. She is instrumental in assisting her villagers in getting a sea wall and set up a computer center where she spent most of her time teaching villagers. She also began to be involved with an influential Samoan women’s group and hopes some Peace Corps Volunteer picks up their program. Sorry to see one of the seniors depart.

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Anonymous said...

Boy O'boy that yellow porch sure its share of babe photos since Mary left. Having a good time are you?