Sunday, November 23, 2008



Laga’au is a nurse practitioner who lives in our village and performs out-patient care in the district for the hospital. She is a person I need to know to continue my diabetes project, but have never met.

I go to the house pointed out to me by others, ask for her by name, bring a gift of mango jam, and state I need her help in getting diabetes testing supplies. Her English and my Samoan are about the same level, basic. She agrees to a second meeting, to which I bring some salsa. We discuss how a letter from the hospital doctor to the National Hospital in Apia would really help. She agrees to meet me at the hospital to get the letter.

After biking to the local hospital for our meeting with the doctor, I meet the Head Nurse and ask if Laga’au is there. We go to a room with two other nurses. I tell them I am waiting for Laga’au. They all look puzzled, and then burst out laughing. I am sitting next to the real Laga’au who has no clue as to why I am there.

Who the other woman is, or what is her name, I haven’t a hint. I do know she likes jam and salsa. I also now know people can be very helpful when given these treats. I am meeting again with the Head Nurse and Laga’au with instructions to bring them jam.

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like a "sting" operation to me.